( OUT OF STOCK!! ) 2-Way O.L.E.D. Remote Start w/ 6 Channel Alarm

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Part#: RS-1100 OLED

Price: $230.00

STANDARD COMPONENTS: 6 Channel Alarm and Remote Car Starter with 5 on-board MICRO relays for parking lights, starter, accessories, ignition 1&2 and one additional relay / socket for starter disable. New On-board Serial Port for AP Data Link Data Bus Integration Two-way paging receiver and transmitting remote with 3-color LCD screen using FM frequency bands for transmitting and receiving at 900 megahertz. Unit will transmit and receive up to 1 MILE. Unit also includes 24-hour clock with meter minder and temperature indicator and countdown run timer. New MANCHESTER CODE encoder. NEW STYLE Two-way, window mount SUPER EXTENDED RANGE transceiver antenna module. One 5-button extended range FM, standard 900-megahertz SLIDE COVER remote transmitter. SIS-11 Super Intelligent Sensor with dual stage shock / glass sensitivity. Discrete Temperature Sensor that communicates in-car temperature with LCD remote. Window-mount Knock Sensor for driver paging. Plug-in super bright mini-BLUE LED and push-type valet/override switch.

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