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Remote Starters
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2 Way Am Alarm With Remote Starter

Part#: RS730LCD

Price: $125.00

TWO-WAY LCD REMOTE OPERATION: 5-button configuration with selectable Button Lock to prevent accidental mis-use. Uses one AAA type 1.5volt alkaline battery with battery life indicator and power save mode 3-color LCD screen displays 29 icons and figures that provide...[more]

2- Way LCD 900Mkz Remote Car starter w/ 6 channel Alarm

Part#: RS-915 LCD

Price: $159.00

FEATURES: 6 Channel Alarm and Remote Car Starter with 5 on-board relays for parking lights, starter, accessories, ignition 1&2 and one additional relay / socket for starter disable. New High-Tech chrome metal finish with smart-looking leather strap for the key ring....[more]

Keyless Entry Remote Starter

Part#: RS-603

Price: $52.50

Two XT-33 Five-button remote transmitter with S.A.W. technology Optional XT-11 One-button ultra Mini remote for remote start. Mini remote can be added to factory remote key chain. S.A.W technology New Negative and Positive (- & +) Door Lock Outputs New C3 compatible...[more]

Remote Car Starter with 3-Channel Alarm

Part#: RS665

Price: $69.00

Two, 5 button High Frequency (433.92 MHz Mini-size Remote Transmitters w/S.A.W. Resonator & Blue LED New RX300A Super Heterodyne Extended Range Window Mount Antenna Receiver with S.A.W. Resonator and 4-pin connector 66 bit random code hopping 2nd channel output...[more]

Three-in-one remote Car Starter

Part#: RS625

Price: $91.00

* C3 Compatible, twp way communications to the power of 3 * New XT-33, 5 button mini-size High Frequency (433.92 MHz) Remote Transmitter w/S.A.W. Resonator and Blue LED * New Two way XT-43 LCD Remote Transceiver * New TRX-76 Long Range Window-mount super...[more]


Part#: RS-665 2W

Price: $99.99

ALARM FEATURES: * New Two way XT-43 LCD Remote Transceiver with Blue backlight * One, 5 button High Frequency (433.92 MHz) Mini-size Remote Transmitters w/S.A.W. Resonator & Blue LED * C3 Compatible 2-Way data port * 66 Bit Random Code Hopping *...[more]