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Compustar accessories
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CompuTrans V.2

Part#: CompuTrans V.2

Price: $16.95

The CompuTrans V.2 is used for remote start purposes only. It is used to bypass the factory transponder system on most newer vehicles. 1 Key Required for use.


Part#: DR-3100

Price: $145.00

The DroneMobile DR-3100 boasts new integrated, high-precision GPS engines for a faster response when receiving location and status updates. Also, the Drone DR-3100 is powered by the Verizon CDMA Network, which unlike the AT&T 2G network, promises to stick around for the...[more]


Part#: FT-EZGO

Price: $79.00

Mini keyless transmitter that automatically unlocks car doors when it comes within 3 feet of the car. Place a small, quarter size, device on a key chain or in a pocket and it eliminates the need to press lock or unlock on a Compustar remote starter or drone mobile remote...[more]

FT-RPS TOUCH | Touch Remote Paging Sensor

Part#: FT-RPS TOUCH | Touch Remote Pagi

Price: $39.99

The FT-RPS TOUCH is compatible with all AlarmIt and MaxIt Systems. It contains three super blue LEDs that flash while the system is armed. The system will also respond to a double touch that pages your 2 Way remote and lets you know someone is trying to reach you at your...[more]