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Alarms and Remote Starters
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CompuTrans V.2

Part#: CompuTrans V.2

Price: $16.95

The CompuTrans V.2 is used for remote start purposes only. It is used to bypass the factory transponder system on most newer vehicles. 1 Key Required for use.


Part#: CS-600-AS

Price: $103.95

Even though the CS600-AS is considered CompuStar's entry-level security system, you'll be pleased to know that it has some of the same great features found in other more expensive models. These include remote start, security, range up to 1000 feet, lock, unlock, trunk...[more]


Part#: CS-800-S

Price: $72.00

4 Button Keyless Entry With Remote Starter and Trunk Release


Part#: CS-601-S

Price: $72.00

1 Button Keyless Entry With Remote Starter


Part#: CS-6102-AS

Price: $149.95

The CS6102-AS is CompuStar's premiere entry-level remote starter and security system. This feature rich system includes one 2 Way LCD remote pager and one 1 Way fiance remote. This system includes range of up to 1500 feet, remote start, security, lock, unlock, trunk release,...[more]


Part#: DR-3100

Price: $145.00

The DroneMobile DR-3100 boasts new integrated, high-precision GPS engines for a faster response when receiving location and status updates. Also, the Drone DR-3100 is powered by the Verizon CDMA Network, which unlike the AT&T 2G network, promises to stick around for the...[more]


Part#: FT-EZGO

Price: $79.00

Mini keyless transmitter that automatically unlocks car doors when it comes within 3 feet of the car. Place a small, quarter size, device on a key chain or in a pocket and it eliminates the need to press lock or unlock on a Compustar remote starter or drone mobile remote...[more]

FT-RPS TOUCH | Touch Remote Paging Sensor

Part#: FT-RPS TOUCH | Touch Remote Pagi

Price: $39.99

The FT-RPS TOUCH is compatible with all AlarmIt and MaxIt Systems. It contains three super blue LEDs that flash while the system is armed. The system will also respond to a double touch that pages your 2 Way remote and lets you know someone is trying to reach you at your...[more]

RF-2W900 kit

Part#: RF-2W900 kit

Price: $198.05

2 Way Alarm With Remote Starter 3000 ft. range