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    Upgradeable Data Transponder Override-Multi Vehicle Secure & Reliable

    Part#: TX-XK05

    Price: $41.79

    XK05 Programmable Immobilizer Data Override interface is preloaded with upgradeable firmware for late model Toyota/Lexus vehicles including Smart-Key Push-to-Start type ignition systems-'07 Camry. XK05 temporarily overrides the factory immobilizer when remote starting...[more]

    Upgradeable Multi Vehicle Interface Solution

    Part#: TX-XK01

    Price: $49.50

    XK01 programmable door lock & alarm control interface is preloaded with upgradeable firmware (AMDL) compatible with select GM*, Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep vehicles. Primary interface control functions include: door locks, trunk/hatch release, factory alarm, door pin status...[more]


    Part#: DEI-VSM200

    Price: $355.50

    Blackberry App Available In February