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    2nd Gen Sentry RF Override plus Door lock & alarm control interface.

    Part#: TX-XK532

    Price: $19.95

    XK532 Programmable Combo Door Lock & Alarm Control Interface w/2nd gen. (2004+) Sentry Key RF Transponder Bypass. XK532 preloaded w/ upgradeable firmware (CHDL7) for 2004+ Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep. Primary controls incl.: door locks, 2 sliding doors, factory alarm, trunk/hatch...[more]


    Part#: TX-DLPK

    Price: $77.44

    The DLPK is a CAN Bus interface kit that is compatible with over 500 vehicle models from 2000 through 2008 right out of the box. This module is SELF LEARNING and requires no firmware download but is still flashable and upgreadable. The DLPK’s primary function is to...[more]


    Part#: TX-PKALL

    Price: $55.45

    The PKALLFLEX combines many of our different transponder bypass modules into one unit. It is compatible with more than 700 vehicle models from 1998 through 2008. It comes pre-programmed for all applicable vehicles and must simply be learned upon installation. Patent Pending....[more]

    GM Doorlock Alarm & Transponder/Passlock Interface

    Part#: TX-GMDL-BP

    Price: $37.50

    Data Bus Doorlock Alarm & GM Passkey/Passlock Interface: Lock/Unlock, Driver's Priority Unlock, Trunk/Hatch, OEM Security Arm/Disarm, Door trigger Output (-) & Override the 2nd /3rd generation GM Passkey3 Transponder Immobilizer & Passlock 2 Immobilizer via data bus....[more]

    GM Passlock, Passkey, Passkey3+, Colorado, Canyon, ION, Malibu Maxx

    Part#: TX-XK06

    Price: $49.87

    XK06 programmable Immobilizer Data Override Interface preloaded with upgradeable firmware (PKG7). Compatible with GM Hybrid Passlock Passkey immobilizer systems like that used on 2004-07 Chevrolet Malibu's. XK06 temporarily overrides the factory immobilizer when remote...[more]

    GM Self Learning (ALL TYPES) Passlock Override

    Part#: TX-PLJX

    Price: $33.00

    PLJX is an auto learning override module designed to bypass all GM vehicles equipped with Passlock I , Passlock II, VATS & the new style PAsslock found in the Saturn Ion, GM Canyon, Colorado, Cobalt, Pursuit. **Replaces PLXR**

    Honda & Acura Transponder Data Override 2005-08

    Part#: TX-PKH34

    Price: $29.50

    No Key Required. Honda Acura Transponder Data Override Interface: NKR fixed firmware BYPASSKIT for All 2005-08 Honda and Acura vehicles plus select 2001-2004 models. Includes a new D2D port for secure override when paired with D2D enabled remote start system.[more]

    Programmable Platform #04: Ford PATS Override Interface

    Part#: TX-PKFM

    Price: $48.00

    Upgradeable Data Immobilizer interface that comes preloaded with firmware (PKFORD) covering all types of Ford Passive Anti-Theft Systems (PATS) including Securilock. PKFM interfaces directly via data wires of Ford PATS module to temporarily override the ignition...[more]

    Universal Proximity Key Bypass

    Part#: DEI-1101T

    Price: $40.50

    Temporarily overrides immobilizer systems in Push to Start ignition vehicles - working ignition key required for operation.

    Universal Transponder Anti-Theft Bypass

    Part#: DEI-556UW

    Price: $23.95

    Bypass the OEM transponder anti-theft systems found on many newer vehicles including the new General Motors Pass-key III and Honda Immobilizer systems. Only bypasses factory anti-theft systems during remote starting, keeping the factory system intact at all other times....[more]